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What would your FFF / FDM-3D printer be without the right filament? Nothing! You need a filament you can trust. A quality filament consists of high-quality raw material and is produced by specialists using the latest manufacturing technology. In order to guarantee the diameter accuracy, the 3D Prima filaments pass through strict quality controls. With our own brand Prima Creator and Prima Filaments you always get the perfect filament for your application. In addition, we also offer filaments from the most popular manufacturers.

Alternatives for PLA and ABS

Printing with PLA is easy to start with and you will reliably get good results. However, if you are an advanced user or professional user, you need alternatives with more extensive material properties. That's why 3D Prima offers you a wide range of innovative materials.

Material range of filaments:

  • ABS / ABS+ / ABS-based wood

  • ASA

  • HIPS (support material)

  • Nylon

  • PC (Polycarbonate)

  • PETG

  • PLA

  • PP

  • PVA (support material)

  • Metal (bronze, copper, brass)




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