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PrimaSelect™ PETG Transparent Black (750g)
  • PrimaSelect™ PETG Transparent Black (750g)

    PrimaSELECTPETG is a new and extremely tough material, it has very high impact strength, good flexibility and practically no shrinkage. PrimaSELECTPETG is a hydrophobic (does not absorb water) filament with a high gloss. Prima Filaments offers two versions of PETG. Translucent and solid. With the translucent you will have a high gloss and almost completely transparent print depending on your shell count. The solid colors offers a vivid and beautiful surface with a high gloss finish.

    PrimaSELECTPETG is a glycol modified PET which means that it has even higher clarity, stiffness and toughness than regular PET. Like all filaments from Prima Filaments the PETG is based on the RAL color system which ensures you that you will get the same color on your spool every time you order. PrimaSELECTPETG comes in a wide range of beautiful and vivid colors, both as translucent and as solid.

    PrimaSELECTPETG is the perfect addition for you filament collection. It has many unique features which makes it one of the most versatile filaments in our portfolio. Regardless of what your print is, PrimaSELECTPETG will deliver. You can make beautiful prints in "vase mode" with more than 90% light transmission and almost no haze. If you are looking for a very tough filament with high impact strength and some flexibility this is your choice. Another great benefit with PrimaSELECTPETG is the fact that it is FDA approved for both food contact and storage. PrimaSELECTPETG doesn´t release any toxic or irritating fumes when printing. You will discover that PrimaSELECTPETG is very easy to use and shows no signs of warping or excessive stringing even if you have a larger flat surface.

    Tip: experiment with speed and heat to get various results when it comes to surface finish and transparency.

    PrimaSELECTPETG has very good interlayer adhesion which makes it extremely easy to print with. You don´t need a heated build plate, but if you have it we suggest that you use a temperature around 45-60 ˚C

    PrimaSELECTPETG sticks on BuildTak or glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

    PrimaSELECTPETG is reeled on a transparent spool with 750 g of high quality filament. It´s packed in a sturdy box and packed with silica gel to avoid moister.

    PrimaSELECTPETG are available in diameter sizes of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

    Our state of the art factory is equipped with the latest in laser measuring technology to ensure that you will receive a spool of filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. This in turn makes for a filament that is compatible with most common printers on the market today.

    Why should I use PrimaSELECT PETG?

    • High clarity prints
    • Very easy to print with
    • Extremely strong
    • Very small chance of warping
    •  Hydrophobic (Does not absorb water)
    • FDA approved
    • No unpleasant smell when printing
    • Technical Details

      Material PETG
      Diameter 1.75mm
      Tolerance ± 0.05 mm
      Heated build platform required No
      Print Temperature 195 - 235 °C
      Weight Filament 750 g
      Spool Size 200 x 55 mm 
      Spool Hub Diameter 53 mm
    Tax Included
    Colour: Black

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