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PrimaSelect™ ASA+ Black (750g)
  • PrimaSelect™ ASA+ Black (750g)

    Beat harsh conditions with PrimaSelect ASA+ (Acrylonitirle Styrene Acrylate) filament. Especially developed to be used in demanding environments where you need UV and water resistance, thermal stability and improved chemical resistance. So if you are looking for a tougher replacement to ABS you have found it! ASA+ has a low-gloss matte finish which makes it perfect for technical prints where you really need to see all the details.

    UV Resistant
    ASA+ can withstand UV light 10x better than ABS and this makes ASA+ perfect for parts to be used outdoors where it will be exposed to the sun.

    Higher long-term heat resistance, and better chemical resistance. ASA+ is significantly more resistant to environmental stress then most other materials and that is why it has been used in the auto and marine industry for many years.

    Printing with ASA+
    If you can print ABS you can print ASA+. Prints with temperature around 230 - 255 °C with your heatbed set to about 80 - 100 °C. Perfect for applications like, automotive parts, outdoor furniture, technical parts, sensor housings or just on prints where you dont want a glossy surface.
    Tip If you print at the higher end of the temperatur scale you will have a stronger finished product.

    • Technical specifications

      Basic Data  
      Filament Typ ASA+
      Diameter 1,75 mm
      Tolerance 0,05 mm
      Weight 0,75 kg
      Lenght 283 m
      Printing Parameter  
      Recomended Printing Temp Min 230 ºC
      Recomended Printing Temp Max 255 ºC
      Recomended Printbed Temperature Min 80 ºC
      Recomended Printbed Temperature Max 100 ºC
      Recomended Printing Speed Min 35 mm/s
      Recomended Printing Speed Max 80 mm/s
      Recomended Fan Speed Min 0 %
      Recomended Fan Speed Max 25 %
      Recomended Retraction Min 1,5 mm
      Recomended Retraction Max 5 mm
      Recomended Flow Rate Min 100 %
      Recomended Flow Rate Max 102 %
      Specific gravity 1,1 g/cm3   ISO 1183
      Vicat softening temp 98 °C   ISO 306
      Heat deflection temp 14 °C
      Tensile strength 48 MPa   ISO 527
      Tensile modulus 2020 MPa   ISO 527
      Elongation at yield 3,6 %   ISO 527
      Elongation at break 15 %   ISO 527
      Impact Strength 18 KJ/m2   ISO 179
    Tax Included
    Colour: Black

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