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PrimaSelect™ ABS+ Black (750g)
  • PrimaSelect™ ABS+ Black (750g)

    PrimaSELECTABS+ is the next generation of ABS filament. With this filament you will experience far less warping and cracking. You will also discover that PrimaSELECTABS+ has a near perfect layer adhesion which, of course, leads to more beautiful prints. The mechanical properties are also enhanced to make PrimaSELECTABS+ extra strong. This filament is the perfect choice when you are looking to print objects that requires high strength and very high impact tolerance.

    PrimaSELECTABS+ (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a material that is widely used in both industry and as filament for 3D Printers. It´s strong, light weight and very durable. The well-known Lego blocks are made from ABS and as you know that is a very high impact resistant piece of plastic. PrimaSELECTABS+ is even better than that.

    PrimaSELECTABS+ is a very "easy to use" material it prints almost like PLA and has a matt surface finish on your printed object. PrimaSELECTABS+ also has limited risk of warping when comparing to other brands of ABS. PrimaSELECTABS+ comes in a selected range of vivid colors that are all based on the RAL color system which in turns guarantees that you will get the same color every time you order a new spool.

    With PrimaSELECTABS+ we have succeeded in making an ABS that are very easy to print with and gives you stunning result every time. This filament has a very high impact strength and are perfect for printing tools, toys and different utensils. Thanks to the relative high melting temperature PrimaSELECTABS+ is also suitable for prints that are going to be used in hot environments. When printing with PrimaSELECTABS+ you can use a slightly higher print temperature then average ABS to get an even stronger result. The special properties of PrimaSELECTABS+ makes it the best ABS replacement in our range. Now you don´t have to worry about the problems that you likely are used to with common ABS. Massive warping, cracked prints and horrible bed adhesion are now a thing of the past.

    If you have a dual hot-end set up and are going to print with support we recommend that you use PrimaSELECT PVA that bonds well to our ABS and are easy to remove, PrimaSELECT PVA is even soluble in water.

    When printing with PrimaSELECTABS+ we recommend that you use a heated bed. Set your heat bed to ± 80-90˚C for best results.

    PrimaSELECTABS+ sticks on BuildTak or glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

    PrimaSELECTABS+ is reeled on a transparent spool with 750 g of high quality filament. It´s packed in a sturdy box and packed with silica gel to avoid moister.

    PrimaSELECTABS+ are available in diameter sizes of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

    Our state of the art factory is equipped with the latest in laser measuring technology to ensure that you will receive a spool of filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. This in turn makes for a filament that is compatible with most common printers on the market today.

    Why should I use PrimaSELECTABS+?

    • ·Very high impact strength
    • ·Improved mechanical properties
    • ·Extremely good layer adhesion
    • ·Higher melting point than PLA and regular ABS
    • ·No hazardous fumes
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      Colour: Black

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