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PrimaFIX adhesive - Prevent warping
  • PrimaFIX adhesive - Prevent warping

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    PrimaFIX – the best and easiest solution for effortless printing on printers with a heated build plate.

    PrimaFIX works with the most common materials on the market such as PLA, PET-G, ABS, Wood and Flex. When you use PrimaFIX you should do so with a printer that has a heated build plate as the active substance in PrimaFIX activates when the temperature rises above 40 degrees.
    When the print is finished and the build plate cools down you can easily remove your object from the plate.
    Thanks to the special applicator pad it´s very easy to get an even coating on your build surface.

    After use you can wipe or wash the build plate with some luke-warm water.

    • How to use

      • Prepare PrimaFIX by shaking the bottle for a few seconds.
      • Apply PrimaFIX by pressing the pad on your build surface to prime the pad. Then apply in circular overlapping motion until the print surface is covered.
      • Start your print by using the settings you regularly use for your favorite filament. The liquid will dry as the heat bed warms up and create a perfect surface for you to print on. After the print is done, let the heat bed cool off and then just remove the print.
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