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PrimaCreator Resin Cleaner - 500 ml

PrimaCreator Resin Cleaner - 500 ml

SKU: 24889

When you are looking for an effective and safe solution to clean your 3D printed Resin models, PrimaCreator Resin Cleaner is the right product for you.

Resin Cleaner is a high-quality European product that functions as an IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) alternative and has a lot of advantages

  • Minimal odor – Resin Cleaner has no unpleasant acrid odor.
  • Highly effective – Resin Cleaner breaks apart uncured Resin and dissolves it in minutes.
  • Easy to handle – Resin Cleaner is not a dangerous good, not flammable and it evaporates slower to minimize the loss of product during handling.
  • Wide range application – Resin Cleaner can be used with almost any DLP or SLA Resin.
  • How to use


    • Submerge the Model in the Resin Cleaner for 10-15 minutes and shake/move it every 2 minutes to help loosen the uncured Resin. If you use a ultrasonic cleaner or Cleaning Station the process will be much faster.
    • Check from time to time if all uncured Resin has been dissolved. If you are satisfied wash the product with water to remove any excess Resin and Resin Cleaner

    Cure the model according to the instructions of your Resin. Resin Cleaner can be used multiple times, replace if the cleaning performance decreases.

  • Technical Detail

    Description Test method Value
    Flashpoint ASTM D 3828 75°C (1013hPa)
    Boiling point   189,6°C (1013hPa)
    Self-ignition temperature   207°C (1013 hPa)
    Density at 23°C MVPF 18 0,9539 g/cm3 (20 °C)
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