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Matter and Form 3D Scanner v2 with Quickscan
  • Matter and Form 3D Scanner v2 with Quickscan

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    Matter and Form V2 +Quickscan 3D Scanner MFS1V2 for fast and easy 3D scanning

    Designed to turn beginners into professionals, Matter and Form V2 is the next evolution of 3D scanning on your desktop. Unlock your full potential with a 3D scanner from MFStudio. With this stunning 3D scanner you can experience an incomparable feeling as you watch your physical objects digitized on your computer.

    The most important product features:

    • Simple and very fast 3D scan for beginners and professionals
    • 3D scanner for creatives, craftsmen and education
    • Digitize your masterpieces and archive them for eternity
    • Innovative 3D scanning software MFStudio - Developed based on user feedback


    MFStudio Software

    The hardware is only as good as the software on which it runs. This fact was taken into account during the development of MFStudio. The software was developed over 5 years with constant feedback from our users. MFStudio is a powerful software tool that lets you easily browse your projects. Get full control over your scanning configuration for excellent results. With Matter and Form V2 and MFStudio you can get spectacular 3D scan results.

    +Quickscan – 3D Scanning software

    Upgrade your Matter and Form V2 3D scanner with +Quickscan for MFStudio. +Quickscan allows you to capture the complete geometry of your object in 65 seconds. This add-on offers you innovative functionality and real-time feedback so you can freely scan in 3D without having to wait long.


    Elegant and foldable design

    Start introducing digital techniques into your creative process now. It's less important whether you're just getting started with 3D technology or are a digital 3D professional. The Matter and Form V2 3D scanner opens up completely new possibilities. Close the gap between physical and virtual objects with this wonderful system. You'll experience a whole new design process that offers you unprecedented opportunities.


    The tool for the digital craftsmanship


    Combine 3D scanning and 3D printing

    A perfect companion for your 3D printer, Matter and Form V2 is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. 3D scan, edit, replicate and export your creations to make them a masterpiece with any 3D printer in the world.


    Matter and Form V2 in Art + Design

    Start integrating digital techniques into your creative process now. Whether you are a beginner or a digital 3D professional, Matter and Form V2 offers you new possibilities. Create an intuitive bridge between physical and virtual media. So you can benefit from the advantages of digital and manual creation and create true masterpieces.


    3D scan enables digital research, archiving and processing

    A new way to capture, analyse and store artefacts. Perform real non-destructive measurements on valuable objects or share digital copies with colleagues or other research teams. 3D scan with Matter and Form V2 opens up new possibilities with interactive learning experiences. If for the examination a manual scanning is necessary you can use the digital image for 3D printing the object. Now even the most valuable and fragile objects can be tactilely detected. 3D scan combines preservation and promotion of cultural heritage with 21st century technology.


    3D Education – 3D Scanning and 3D Printing in Education and Training

    This 3D scanner combines art, science and technology. Project-related learning becomes even easier with 3D digitization. The various applications of 3D scanning offer a unique and practical method for interdisciplinary investigation of important topics. Students who already work with 3D printers have the speed, accuracy and ability to expand their ideas. With Matter and Form V2, 3D scanning is also possible for schools and universities at low cost, too.


    Buy the Matter and Form V2 + Quickscan 3D scanner for quick and easy 3D scanning.

    • Technical details

      Achieve 3D scanning accuracy with precision up to 0.1 mm. The red laser used is safe for your eyes. The software supports both Windows and Mac. You get the possibility of exporting for 3D printing.

      3D scanning performance


      Dimensional accuracy: within +/- 0.1mm


      Height: 25 cm (9.8 in)

      Diameter: 18 cm (7.0 in)

      Weight: 3.0kg (6.6 lbs)



      HD CMOS sensor

      2 Laser


      USB 2.0


      100-240 V


      15° - 32° C (60° - 90° F)


      MFStudio with +Quickscan



      • Windows 7+ (64-bit)
      • MacOS 10.11+


      • English
      • French
      • Spanish


      • CPU: i5
      • Point cloud: PLY, XYZ
      • Mesh: STL, OBJ
    • What's in the box

      • Matter and Form 3D Scanner
      • USB B cable
      • AC Power adapter with interchangeable worldwide power plugs
      • Calibration card
      • User Manual
      • Product Information Booklet
      • Small Plastic Toy
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